About Us

Colombia is a wonderful country to learn Spanish through cultural immersion programs. Our people are friendly, open and always ready to help travelers who visit us. In addition, we are a country rich in biodiversity and culture and we want to ensure that you have an authentic local experience. We work hand in hand with the community and believe that both students and locals can benefit from this cultural exchange.


My name is Laura and I am the founder and director of Smart Spanish Immersion Programs in Colombia. If you get to know me, you will see how much I enjoy what I do. I love seeing so many students from all over the world being interested about my country and language. I have 2 years of experience in Spanish education, I am a certified teacher, hold a degree in tourism management and own a Spanish school in Cali. Since I remember, I have been learning foreign languages, which is a process that never stops. Being able to speak other languages has broadened my mind and my connection to the world and other cultures. I wish everybody had the opportunity to travel, learn, and see the world from different perspectives (languages in this case).

I can’t wait to meet and welcome you in Colombia!