Our Location

We are located in a beautiful part of the Colombian coffee axis in Calarca, Quindio.

Quindío is the smallest department in Colombia, but it has a wide range of attractive spots, thanks to the beauty of its landscapes, weather, friendly people and the road connectivity with other regions of Colombia.

The area is well known for its coffee, banana, and flower crops, as well as its colorful architecture. Visiting these plantations and getting to know the agricultural processes alongside locals, make the experience in Quindio unforgettable.

Some people call this area “El Eden”, as we are surrounded by evergreen mountains, waterfalls, rivers and the perfect weather all year round.

Our School

Our founder, Laura, is also the owner and director of Lingua Viva Spanish Institute, a Spanish school for foreigners, located in Cali. From there, it occurred to her to offer an immersion program, where students have as much contact as possible with the Spanish language and Colombian culture, surrounded by nature, in a town with almost no tourists, which makes the experience authentic and unforgettable.

We are not just a Spanish school. Our program is designed for participants to make the most of their free time. We have different activities in the afternoons, such as dance classes, yoga, cultural exchange with locals and volunteering with children and senior citizens.

Our facilities are located 4 kilometers from the town and access is easy by public transportation. We have 7 rooms with single, double and dormitory accommodation; 2 classrooms, kitchen, social room, kiosks, pool, jacuzzi and gardens.

Accommodation is arranged from Sunday to Sunday.

Breakfasts and lunches are included from Monday to Friday. Vegetarian options available.