What We Offer

Spanish Group Classes

We offer group classes according to levels A1, A2, and B1, in an interactive and didactic way, developing the four communicative skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading with a meaningful connotation and involving cultural aspects of the environment.

All the classes are framed within an active and didactic methodology that includes exercises of grammar, conversations, dialogues, writing of newspapers and other types of writings, readings of different texts, comprehension of songs, videos, news and other audiovisual sources.

Our next courses are:

  1. Level A1: July 6th to 24th.
  2. Level A2: July 27th to August 14th.
  3. Level A2: July 6th to 24th.
  4. Level B1: July 27th to August 14th.

You can sign up for as many weeks as you wish. Each level is completed in 3 weeks, taking in total 60 hours per level.

Are you interested in other dates? Let us know! Drop us a line at laura.mora@smartspanishcamp.com

What do you learn in each level?


  • Say hello and goodbye
  • Ask and give personal information
  • Ask and say your nationality, your profession and where you work
  • Introduce yourself and introduce others
  • Ask and give the time
  • Identify kinship relationship
  • Make physical and personality descriptions
  • Describe their family and environment.
  • Express possession
  • Express existence
  • Identify and locate places
  • Make comparisons
  • Express general opinions
  • Express moods and character
  • Express present simple actions


  • Express daily routines and habitual actions
  • Express tastes and preferences
  • Express agreement and disagreement
  • Describe actions in progress
  • Make and schedule future plans
  • Express obligation and need
  • Describe experiences, events and events in the past
  • List facts in the past
  • Express habits of the past and describe facts in the past


  • Narrate facts and events in the past
  • Describe experiences and extraordinary events
  • Make proper use of prepositions with actions
  • Confirm a reality
  • Rate and give their opinion
  • Express feelings
  • Ask for favors
  • Give suggestions, recommendations and advice


We are located in a beautiful part of the Colombian coffee axis in Calarca, Quindio. The house has been recently renovated and it’s located 4 km away from town. The weather is usually warm with temperatures between 18º and 25º Celcius (65 – 77 Farenheit), which is perfect to enjoy the pool in the afternoons.

Accommodation is arranged from Sunday to Sunday and you can choose between single, double (shared with one more person), and dorm. Every bedroom has a bathroom with warm water. We also have a kitchen you can use if you want to cook.

Extracurricular Activities

There are plenty of things to do after Spanish classes! Take advantage of the nice weather and beautiful landscapes and go for a hike. We also offer activities in the afternoons such as dancing and yoga lessons, cultural exchange with locals and volunteering.

On the weekends, you can take day trips to Salento (an hour away), Filandia (an hour away), Cali (3 hours away), Pereira (1,5 hours away), Armenia (20 minutes away). There are also many theme parks nearby like Parque Nacional del Café, PANACA, and RECUCA. Quindio is also well-known for paragliding, coffee plantations, natural reserves, and a botanical garden with one of the biggest butterfly houses in Colombia.

We arrange different tours every weekend with an extra charge.

What is included?

  • Accommodation Sunday to Sunday
  • 20 hours of Spanish classes (one hour = 55 minutes)
  • 2 hours of dancing classes
  • 2 hours of yoga classes
  • 5 breakfast (Monday – Friday)
  • 5 lunches (Monday – Friday)
  • 4 hours of volunteering
  • 2 hours of cultural exchange with locals
  • Registration fee
  • Study material
  • Tour of the town the first day of class
  • Coffee break in the mornings (Monday – Friday)
  • Medical insurance while on property
  • Transaction fees

What will you do during the week?

Below, you can see an example of what a week looks like in our school

What about the weekends?

We have planned optional tours at an additional cost:


Early bird discounts!

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